Trademark registration

With a trademark registration you obtain a monopoly to use a trademark (a sign). With a trademark registration you can prohibit others from using an identical or similar trademark for the same or similar products or services.

When to register

If your trademark or company name is important to you, it is advisable to register it.

Types of trademarks

There are various types of trademarks to register:

– word mark (product name, company name or trade name)

– logo (image, icon or mark)

– color mark (color, design or layout)

– notation (special font, font, writing or special notation)

– shape mark (form of a product or packaging)


Important choices must be made when applying for a trademark. After all, you don’t want to have a refusal or an unnecessary conflict. But you also want the best possible protection of the trademark.

Common asked questions regarding trademark registration

– Is the trademark available?

– Are all activities and products (including future products) well protected?

– Do you want to register the name or logo?

– Is colour important or black/white?

– Is protection of a slogan also possible?

We discuss these kinds of questions together in order to protect your trademarks as well as possible.

Trademark registration in the Netherlands

Trademark registration is possible in the Netherlands (via a Benelux trademark registration), but also abroad, for example via a European Union trademark registration.

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