Trademark monitoring

With our trademark Monitoring service, we monitor your trademark against later applications from identical or comparable trademarks.

This way you can quickly detect a potential (future) trademark infringement and take action.

Objection and opposition

The main reason for having a trademark monitored is that it enables you to file a timely objection (opposition) against filings of similar trademarks. It is possible to submit opposition (objection) to a new application prior to registration. The time limit to file opposition is two months in the Benelux and three months after the publication of the trademark in the European Union. The costs of the opposition proceedings are many times lower than when you have to go to court.

When the registration of an identical or similar trademark is filed, the authorities of the trademark registers do not have the power to refuse the new trademark application in many countries (including the Benelux). While this new trademark clearly infringes on your existing trademark. You must therefore take action yourself to enforce your trademark rights!

Merkenbureau Heemskerk helps you with excellent monitoring, advice and conflict resolution. Contact us now for more information or call 020-8452708.

Trademark monitoring new trademark applications

That is why it is important to keep up-to-date with new trademark applications. It is impossible to check all new trademark and applications in the trademark registers yourself. A security subscription offers a solution. You will receive a message with advice as soon as a potentially infringing trademark is requested. This allows you to act quickly against new trademarks and a costly, long road with legal procedures at court is often unnecessary. After all, the counterparty will have incurred few costs in its initial stage and will be more inclined to choose a different name.

Cost of trademark monitoring

Please contact us for the current fees for trademark watching . Monitoring can take place in almost every country and region, and even worldwide.

Activate trademark monitoring

Are you interested in a trademark monitoring subscription or do you want more information? Then contact and for the costs and possibilities.

Acquisition trademark monitoring

Acquisition of an existing trademark monitoring from another trademark agency is also possible. This saves you considerably in the annual costs.