Class 35 trademark registration ALIBABA

If you want to open an store, sales-channel or webshop via AliBaba, it is now mandatory as a provider of goods to own  a trademark registration of the relevant trademark with protection in class 35.

Without this so-called class 35 trademark registration, no store can be opened at AliBaba.

Although most companies do own a trademark registration, class 35 is not always included, which is not necessary for most brands from a normal legal point. In order to be able to help you quickly with the necessary registration of AliBaba, we can assist you immediately.
With our expertise and direct contacts withAlibaba we can fastly secure the required document (trademark 35 registration or application) needed for AliBaba.

Apply now for your trademark registration in class 35
We arrange a class 35 trademark application for you and combine it with two other product classes (or more) in which the most used products of the brand can be found.

– List of products offered under the trademark
– Details of the trademark applicant (copy of the Chamber of Commerce for companies or a copy passport for natural persons).

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