Extensive trademark search

An extensive trademark survey is used to determine whether a particular word element occurs in the text of previously registered trademarks (trademark registrations).

In this way you can quickly (within 2 working days) clarify whether there are comparable trademarks in the relevant trademark registers. After all, these trademarks can object to the use of your trademark. If this is the case, you will avoid the high costs for a full investigation. The results are summarized in clear language in a research report that you receive together with the results (the trademarks found). In addition to this summary with the conclusion, you will also immediately receive a short advice with the further steps for the trademark protection. Based on the outcome of the trademark search, a strategy can be determined for your own trademark application.

However, extensive research is restricted only to trademarks that contain the element sought. The research can therefore not be seen as a complete availability study, but more as an indication of whether immediate obvious problems or obstacles can be expected.

Example of extensive trademark research:

An extensive search for the name “PHILIPS” does deliver on the trademark “PHILIPS”, “PHILIPS 2” and “PHILIPSON” but not “FILIPS” or “PHILLIPS” (twice the letter L).



For a cost overview with the price of all trademark surveys and other legal services, go to our rates page. Here you will also find the price of the extensive trademark survey for the various countries and areas. An extensive trademark survey is already possible from EUR 250, – (excluding VAT). Most studies take place for the Benelux, European Union, Europe, USA, China and Russia.

In addition to an extensive trademark investigation into a specific word, research can also be carried out into an existing logo or an image that is part of previous trademark registrations.

As soon as we submit a trademark application for you after the investigation, you will receive a € 50 discount on your trademark application.


An extensive trademark survey can be carried out worldwide (for almost all countries).