What is copyright?

Article 1 of the Copyright Act: Copyright is the exclusive right of the author of a work of literature, science or art, or of his assigns, to make this public and to reproduce, subject to the limitations, set by law.

Who has the copyright?

The main rule is that the creator is the copyright owner. This also applies if you have a website, concept, house style or logo developed by a designer. You are not the rightful claimant, but that is the maker. Of course there are exceptions to the main rule (for example in the case of management and supervision or employment) of which we are happy to advise you. We can also review a contract or have it prepared so that you can be sure which party has the copyright.

Copyright works

Article 10 of the Copyright Act lists a number of copyright works:

  1. Under works of literature, science or art, this act means:
  2. books, brochures, news magazines, magazines and all other writings;
  3. scenes and dramatic-musical works;
  4. oral presentations;
  5. choreographic works and pantomimes;
  6. musical works with or without words;
  7. drawing, painting, building and sculpture, lithographs, engraving and other sheet metal works;
  8. geographic maps;
  9. designs, sketches and plastic works, relative to architecture, geography, location description or other sciences;
  10. photographic works;
  11. film works;
  12. works of applied art and drawings and models of industry;
  13. computer programs and the preparatory material;


Origin and registration copyright

Copyright is the right that the maker of a “work” has. This right gets the creator of a work by right (automatically at the time of creation). There may also be a joint copyright depending on the concrete circumstances. Merkenbureau Heemskerk manages your rights and ensures that these are also registered. You can then legally prove that you were in possession of the right at a certain date and are the owner of it. This can be of great importance in legal proceedings and conflicts.


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