Trademark search

Before you register or use a trademark, it is important to investigate whether this trademark (or a similar trademark) is not already registered or in use by another company. If that is the case and it concerns the same or similar products or services, then you are probably not free to use your trademark. The other party then has an older right that can probably be successfully used against the use of your younger trademark name or trade name.

High costs can be saved if you have a good idea in advance of whether your trademark is available. It is so safe and important before you start making significant investments for your new trademark name.

Merkenbureau Heemskerk offers various types of trademark search including:

– Identical trademark search

– Extensive trademark search

– Full trademark search (trademark similarity research)

– Trade name research

– Online Use research


These studies can be carried out for every conceivable area, including the Netherlands (Benelux) and abroad, such as for Europe (including the European Union) and worldwide. In a trademark survey, all relevant trademark registers are examined for similar trademark, which could potentially be an obstacle for your new trademark. For more information, please contact us.