Design registration
With a design registration, the holder (owner) of this design registration is granted the exclusive right to exploit (to use) the design for a certain amount of time. A design refers to the external design of a product, usually a utility product, but design registrations are also filed for a particular design, drawing, logo or other object.

With the design registration, the holder has obtained a monopoly for a certain period of time (a maximum of 25 years for a European Union Design l). Also the owner can object to similar designs.

A design can also be protected by us in other countries outside the European Union, for example in China, Canada or the USA (America).

A design is the external appearance of a product (product). For example the shape of a product (product form) or the appearance of a product (design).


The appearance of a coffee machine

The shape of a sports car or a part of a car.

After a successful application the applicant will receive a registration certificate with which the design is registered in the design register. The design is then protected for a first period of five years which can be extended with identical periods of five years to a maximum protection period of 25 years.

A design registration is something different than a industrial patent.

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