Trademark Search

Before registering or using a mark, it is important to examine whether this mark (or a similar mark) is not already registered by another party. If that is the case and the trademark is protected for the same or similar products or services, you probably are not free to use your trademark. The earlier registered mark can probably successfully be deployed against the use of your younger trademark.

High costs and extensive legal proceedings can be avoided when you find out in advance whether you mark is really available to use and register. This way you are more safe when introducing a new trademark.

Trademark Agency Heemskerk offers various types of trademark searches including:

– Identical trademark search
– Elemental trademark search
– Full Similarity search
– Trade Research

The above metioned searches can be performed not only in the Netherlands (Benelux) bot also abroad.

In a trademark search, all relevant trademark registers are examined for similar existing marks, which may constitute an obstacle the use of your trademark.

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Full availability search

With a full availability trademark search you acquire a complete picture of all previously applied or registered trademarks containing similar elements matching your trademark. 

All trademarks similar to your trademark are cited in the results. This study will therefore prevent that you introduce and start using a trademark which infringes on the prior rights of other parties.

Advantages of conducting a full search: 

– Unnecessary costs for an application (registration) of a trademark which is deemed to be unavailable

Avoiding the risk of having to pay possible (punitive) damages by reason of trademark infringement to another party with prior rights. 

– No investment costs in a unavailable trademark.